How Magic Mushrooms Work

How Magic Mushrooms Work

Magic mushrooms are a type of consumable fungi with incredible effects. Although there are many species of magic mushrooms, the most commonly used is psilocybe cubensis. These mushrooms are packed with tryptamines such as psilocybin and psilocin, which can affect your body in many ways when consumed. However, some users may wonder exactly how magic mushrooms work.

You can take magic mushrooms in many ways and the method of consumption often has an impact on the onset, duration, and power of the effects. However, whichever way you use them, you can expect an interesting psychoactive experience along with potential mental benefits. Here’s a guide to how magic mushrooms work and how to use them.

What Exactly Are Magic Mushrooms?

If you’ve never experienced the effects of magic mushrooms, you might be wondering what exactly they are and how they differ from other mushrooms. Magic mushrooms refer to a species of mushrooms also known as psilocybin mushrooms. These mushrooms contain high levels of psilocybin, a tryptamine that can activate a range of interesting effects.

Magic mushrooms come in various types and can be found throughout the world. The most prominent type of magic mushrooms are psilocybe cubensis mushrooms, and these are usually what people refer to when they use the term magic mushrooms or shrooms. While trying to pick shrooms in the wild is dangerous, adults in Canada can now buy shrooms online safely and easily.

These mushrooms can be used in various ways and, when consumed, you can expect a sensational experience. Magic mushrooms are historically used for their psychedelic effects, especially as they can enhance your senses and emotions. However, many users also use magic mushrooms for their unique health perks.

How Magic Mushrooms Work

How Magic Mushrooms Work

Magic mushrooms have profound effects on the mind due to the high levels of tryptamines they contain. When consumed, the psilocybin inside magic mushrooms is processed by your body and converted into psilocin- an active chemical that triggers certain changes in your brain.

Many people who use magic mushrooms report a distorted sense of space, time, and reality, with many experiencing forms of hallucinations. This is due to the effects of psilocin on the mind. Research suggests that magic mushrooms bind the same receptors in the brain as serotonin does, enhancing your mood and causing a hyper-connectivity between various regions of the brain.

The effects of magic mushrooms can vary depending on the person using them, how they’re consumed, and the dose that’s taken. Higher doses are much more likely to cause sensory overloads, hallucinations, and perceived spiritual experiences. However, they can also have unwanted side effects. In contrast, some users take microdoses of psilocybin to elevate their mood and focus without strong psychoactive effects.

How Long Do Effects From Magic Mushrooms Last?

Those who have never tried magic mushrooms before may be daunted by the potential effects. However, magic mushrooms are safe to use and will result in a positive experience as long as you’re comfortable knowing what to expect. One important thing to note is that magic mushrooms take a while to kick in and can also last for a long time.

After eating dried magic mushrooms, you may need to wait for up to 45 minutes until you feel anything. This is because the psilocybin must first be digested and converted into psilocin before impacting your mind. However, once the effects kick in, they usually last for around 3-6 hours, with some users even feeling effects for up to 9 hours.

There are ways to reduce or enhance the effects of magic mushrooms. Some users consume magic mushrooms in the form of shroom tea. This often causes a faster onset time and the effects also wear off faster. You can also add lemon or orange to your tea to enhance the effects. For milder effects, users often take a much smaller dose to enhance their minds without feeling overwhelmed.

How Should You Use Magic Mushrooms?

How Should You Use Magic Mushrooms?

There are various options for consuming magic mushrooms and the way you take them can impact the duration and intensity of the effects you’ll experience. Some methods are more convenient whereas others are more enjoyable or offer enhanced effects.

Eating dried magic mushrooms is one of the easiest options. All you have to do is put a portion in your mouth, chew, and swallow. The psilocybin will be digested and converted and you’ll soon be treated to effects that can last for many hours. However, the taste of magic mushrooms is bitter and they can be hard to swallow.

Brewing magic mushrooms into tea is often a better choice. This usually speeds up the onset of effects and reduces the duration, making it ideal for beginners and those who want to avoid overwhelming effects. You can also add extra flavorings to the tea to mask the bitter taste of the mushrooms.

Alternatively, you can use psilocybin-infused products for an easy and convenient way to get the effects of magic mushrooms. For instance, Microdose Capsules and Shroom Edibles make it exceptionally easy to consume psilocybin. They also make it easy to know how much you’re taking so you don’t go overboard.

Where To Get Magic Mushrooms

Magic mushrooms can be found in various areas of the world and, although it is possible to pick magic mushrooms in the wild, this is not recommended. Magic mushrooms often look similar to other mushrooms that are dangerous to consume and, as such, it’s better to make sure the shrooms you’re using are safe.

The best way to get your hands on safe, high-quality magic mushrooms is to buy magic mushrooms online. Mushroomz offers a wide selection of dried magic mushrooms as well as capsules, edibles, and more. All of these are safe to use and are available for delivery across Canada.


Magic mushrooms are a species of fungi that contain high levels of tryptamines. When you consume these, psilocybin is processed and converted by your body into psilocin- the active chemical known for enhancing your mood and senses. Whether you prefer to eat magic mushrooms dry or use convenient capsules and edibles, you can find them online at

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